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our 100%

natural and technical original products


made in France

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cosmetics creators

is located in the French region Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur.


Phytocosmo was born in 2015. It’s the result and share of a passion: aromatherapy, and of researches by osteopaths, physiotherapists and pharmacists together with our research laboratory.





To create and formulate

ready for use formulas, 100% natural,

To prevent and relieve

everyday pains,

To innovate and offer

innovative products in the form of serums and creams, easy to apply (on the skin),


To exchange and collaborate with

with our partners of medical professions and users to constantly develop our products.

Gamme WBZ Well Be Zen

Who are we?

Our approach


Well-being cosmetics


Our WBZ range


An original range made of

4 ingredients

among which

Cannabis Sativa essential oil*

known for its properties suitable has anti-inflammatory


relaxing actions.


the muscles and joints

comfort range 


to prepare to an effort and to relax



External use only

External use only






Jan 18, 2016

Gilles Fenot

Physiotherapist/Osteopath in Ennery (Moselle) and Luxemburg

"Very good product that is addressing as well osteopaths as physiotherapists, that relieves pains, strains and tight muscles, according to its approach.


On a sore body part, I first use this product before any osteopathic rebalancing. Of great help as well for fragilized skins, because I noticed a wound healing action on them. The quick penetration of the product creates a better skin contact and the conditions for a deeper smoothing massage.


An ideal product that brings a plus to our mechanical action.


Congratulations to the creator."

Feb 03, 2016

Christine Vernet

Apt, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

"For a tryout it was a master stroke ! A reccurent back pain, at the level of the cervical vertebrae, because I’m sitting every day too many hours. I test the hot cream that is in my bag: I’m relieved to spend more than an hour without pain.


On the next morning, I decide to massage my neck with Gaultheria oil before leaving for work. The pain reappeared only around midday… In being intransigent with a break in the morning and one in the afternoon, in watching my position and with the help of these two products, the pain progressively disappeared.A few weeks later, wrist tendonitis. Having Gaultheria oil applyed from the shoulder to the first dorsal vertebra, I could ease the pain.


Add to this benefits nice smell and texture… personally I adopt them !"

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