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WBZ Well Be Zen is a 100% natural and technical range.

Serums ready for use made up from natural ingredients:

- Camphorated rosemary essential oil,

- Cannabis Sativa essential oil,

- Harpagophytum  extracts,

- Gaultheria essential oil (WBZ Tensions),

- Arnica extracts (WBZ Blows),

- Melissa essential oil (WBZ Zen).


WBZ Tensions Gaultheria Oil


Relieve all your muscle or joint tensions.

External use only

WBZ Blows Arnica Oil


To relieve and sooth sore body parts after a blow. To prepare to an effort of joints or muscles. In case of muscular weariness.                                  

External use only

WBZ Zen Hemp Oil Roll-on


Relax your nerves and appease your spirit in stressful situations.

Enjoy a better sleep.

To apply on temples, plexus and wrists.                                    

External use only

WBZ Hot Cream 


Get ready for sports (runs, hikes) and recover… Heating action!

Relieve your tensed body parts: shoulders, back and knees.                                        


External use only